As a company that recognizes that genes have already been read, Inscripta is blazing the way for the future by trying to write them through gene editing. …

Example of Nussinov’s algorithm in action. (Image Source)

Note: Before reading this article, read Sequence Alignment and the Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm to understand primary sequence alignment and dynamic programming; here, we extend our analysis to secondary RNA alignment through Nussinov’s Algorithm.


RNA Terms

  • RNA: ribonucleic acid comprised of the 5-carbon sugar, ribose, which is attached to an organic base
  • Uracil: a…

A pic I took from one of our computational biology meetings!

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to be an intern at Ocean Genomics, a startup that is trying to push the forefront of RNA-sequencing by compiling and creating methods to analyze RNA-sequencing today in one pipeline, for two months.

As someone who recently got into computational biology and was…

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An increase in average global temperature by over 1 degree Celsius since industrial times. 16 of the 17 warmest years ever have been in the twentieth century. The cause? Climate change.

Climate change is an abstracted word that has been used to describe the issues of rising global temperatures and…

A model of a person’s epigenome with relation to their DNA. (Image Source)

The Epigenome and Its Function

What is the Epigenome?

The human body has over 210 cell types, even though each one of those cells stores the same information inside of their DNA. How is this possible? The epigenome stores the information about the cell type and the state of the cell: it creates chemical modifications that influence gene expression.

A usage of PyMOL to show the 1IYJ BRCA2-DSS1 complex. (Image Source)

This article goes into how I used the visualization tool PyMOL for examining 3D representations of the aforementioned proteins, and looking into detail into various protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions.


  • BRCA2 — the Breast Cancer Type 2 susceptibility protein — The protein is crucial to repairing DNA damage and response pathways…

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Did you know that human DNA and chimp DNA are 98.8% the same? Although this number may sound small, humans and chimps are very different when we go into our DNA. Out of the roughly three billion base pairs that make up our genetic code, 1.2% …

A visual representation of transfer learning. (Image Source)

Imagine you’ve just started a company, and you want to implement AI image recognition to help people differentiate between the different types of birds in the wild. This task is very monumental, especially for a company with little to no resources and money. …

Neuronal pathways in the brain. (Image Source)

10 million people worldwide have Parkinson’s disease, while 3 million adults worldwide have epilepsy. These neurological diseases have been common in most elders for a long time, and despite heavy research into these topics, little headway has been made in them.

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The year is 2100. Your granddaughter’s about to have a baby in a few months, and the doctor recommends buying a few “modifications.” You sigh in disappointment; back in your day, it was never this complicated. You just got what you were born with, and that was it. Nowadays, parents…

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