A model of a person’s epigenome with relation to their DNA. (Image Source)

The Epigenome and Its Function

What is the Epigenome?

  • Methylation: Adding a methyl group to certain nucleotides to downregulate gene expression
  • Nucleosomes: Positioning nucleosomes to determine which parts of the DNA are available for transcription
  • Histones: a protein that helps comprise the structure of chromatin

Storing Information in Nucleosomes

A usage of PyMOL to show the 1IYJ BRCA2-DSS1 complex. (Image Source)


  • BRCA2 — the Breast Cancer Type 2 susceptibility protein — The protein is crucial to repairing DNA damage and response pathways. Mutations of this protein have been linked to several forms of cancer.
  • RAD51 — a member of the RAD51 protein family that assists in repair of DNA double strand breaks
  • 1N0W — a crystal structure of a RAD51-BRCA2 BRC repeat complex that works in gene regulation and creating anti tumor…

Image Source

A visual representation of transfer learning. (Image Source)

Neuronal pathways in the brain. (Image Source)

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

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A Quick Background

A general representation of training a Haar classifer. (Image Source)

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